Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weight update: 70,1 pounds.

Just a quickie for now, to keep records; yesterday Luna weighed in at 70,1 pounds. Last week she was 70,3 pounds, which means that the scale is finally moving down! In any case, Luna already looks much better now than she did 4 weeks ago. Her ideal weight is 61,7 pounds, so I’m hoping that’s where she’ll end. If not, I want to keep her at a maximum of 66 pounds.

Also, from now on I’ll weigh her at least once every two weeks, just to make sure she doesn’t end up getting to the point where I’m like; ‘Huh, she’s fat! How did that happen?’

The picture shows Luna at 23 months, about to start on 2 pounds of cow tripe. Sadly, she can’t eat that anymore these days. She’ll be all gassy and burpy and uncomfortable the next day, often accompanied by diarrhea. Poor girl. I’m still puzzled as to what went wrong, she ate tripe regularly for months and months before all of a sudden it bothered her.

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