Thursday, October 21, 2010

More pilling videos and a break from blogging

Today I have two more videos for you, on how I feed my dog her pills in case she needs them.

Here is video number one, my second attempt to feed her the nighttime pill before she can eat dinner, which was a real mess the first time I filmed it. This time she did it so quickly that she even caught me by surprise!

And here is a video of me feeding her the same kind of pill during the day, where she has to take the pill before she gets the treats. This was the first time I did the whole thing with one hand, so it might not be so easy to see, but she keeps the pill in her mouth the second time around and eats the treats out of my hand. She loves to lick my hand clean once all the treats are gone. Isn't she a great girl!

Luna and I will be leaving in half an hour to visit a friend, where we will be staying until Sunday or possibly Monday morning. There will be no blogging until we get back. We're taking the train to get there, a very comfortable experience with Luna as she will settle immediately once we're seated and then proceed to sleep through the entire trip. She's awesome!

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  1. Have a great trip! I wonder how my two would do on a train?? There aren't many train opportunities in my area, let alone for dogs.;) Can't wait to here how it goes!