Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finishing up training inspiration ideas & no more pills for the lady!

 Wow, time flies when you’re having fun!

For the past two and a half days I’ve been working hard on modifying BZ Training’s plans to my situation, adding and removing things as I went. I think I’m about done now.

This morning was Luna’s last 1 & 1/4 anti-inflammation/painkiller pill. Nice, because they were pretty sticky! And one less thing to forget. ;-)

Again, since the first pill, she has not limped once. From today until next Thursday we’ll have another week of no activity other than calm, straight line walking, and then we can finally start doing FUN- um, ACTIVE FUN things again!

My agenda says that we’ll start Levels training on Friday the 15th, so far I think I will stick to that plan... ahum... give myself some time to get off my butt....

We ARE still going for a longer walk whenever we can, though yesterday was a no-go due to dreary, wet weather & a little, old white dog depending on me for his potty breaks. This morning however, we- I, gathered all my stuff (whistle around my neck, 3 slices of cooked sausage in the treat bag along with 100g of kibbles, phone, Kleenex, house keys-) and off we went!

A nice walk, sunny and dry, nice temperature. I planned to do three ‘practice’ RRR’s (Really Reliable Recall), meaning ‘there’s no emergency but we’re just practicing’ and I got to do only ONE where I felt I was actually calling her away from something. Both other times she seemed to just be a little ways away ‘because I said to ‘mind your own business’’, but mentally she was still with me. Either way she did nice recalls and couldn’t get the sausage out of my hands quick enough! :-)

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