Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello & a plan.

OK, my first blog post here. Luna and I will not be working the entire Levels program for another two weeks due to an injury to Luna’s knee. I want her to make a full recovery, so we will be starting the Levels as of Friday, October 15th.

For two weeks following October 15th, we will be working mostly on Zen, Down & Down Stay, Sit & Sit Stay, Handling, & Watch.

After that, we will be working the full Levels and we will also be doing regular, daily roadwork. I intend to take her cycling for 2 miles on leash one week, 2,5 miles on leash the next week, 3 miles off leash the week after that. Once we’re there I will up the distance to 5 miles off leash, and after a week of that I think she’ll be ready for 6 to 9 mile rides at least three times a week, weather permitting.

She does not get to play with other dogs until October 21/22, when we will be visiting Willemien and her black Lab Tibor for the weekend. I will be monitoring their play to make sure it does not get too rough.

I will also focus specifically on strengthening her hind legs, to keep her knee safe. For that, we will be doing hind leg awareness exercises, hand-stands, standing on her hind legs, sitting up etc.

Also, I will not let her play with other dogs on leash OR throw a ball while she is running after it. I will only throw a ball or any other toy while she is in a Stay, and release her when the ball or other toy has stopped moving OR when I am sure she cannot catch up with it BEFORE it stops.

So, that’s our plan!

At this moment we go for ±1 mile walks four times a day. I have her Sit or do a non-formal Heel when we run into other dogs. I leash her when I am not sure she’s able to do that.

Oh, and another important thing; I changed her food and the amount of training and thus treating I did in a day a few months ago, and due to my being lackadaisical with how much food she was getting in a day, Luna is now also 7 pounds overweight. She WAS 9 pounds over. Yesterday she weighed in at 69 pounds. Goal is to get her back down to 61-62 pounds. Maybe 60.

At this moment she gets 300-350 grams of kibble a day, and this is also what I use as treats. At the end of the day she gets whatever amount is left. She used to get 385 grams PLUS lots of treats during the day as well. Oops. And - after reading the label again - more oops because 385 grams is for a 77 pound dog! HA!