Monday, October 18, 2010

She's doing well!

Luna has been moving very well for the last few days. She LOVES our daily trip with the bike and she’s Sad that she has to be on leash for now, but she behaves beautifully nonetheless. I stop and tell her to ‘go pee’ about 6 times on our trip, and she does so almost immediately, every time. How nice!

Only thing she has to get used to is that she cannot stick to the side of the road when we have to pass other people and cyclists, I really have to say ‘This way!’ or we catch an unsuspecting passerby in the leash. ;-) I DO kind of like this though, it shows how well she knows where she’s normally supposed to be when we’re cycling off leash; as close to the side of the road as possible, regardless of other traffic and unless I tell her to do otherwise. Now I get to see that it has truly become habit for her. Good girl!

And just to show how persistent a habit can be; I’ve moved the trash can in my room to a different place for about a week now. EVERY TIME I go to throw something away, I first turn to where the bin USED to be and then go; ‘oh, right, I moved it!’ I wonder how long that will last, and hopefully Luna will catch on quicker!

Above is a video of us cycling in better days, on our way to the park. Almost at the end I have to ask Luna to slow down, or she’ll overtake the cyclist in front of us! At the end she licks her lips, in anticipation of the treat that always comes when we stop!

FYI; yes, she’s off leash, but I do leash her as soon as I see another dog, or even if I feel that Luna isn’t really connected to me. Being able to cycle with her pretty much everywhere off leash is something that has developed over the years (she’s 5,5 now), and I feel perfectly safe and comfortable with this setup. If I don’t, for whatever reason, I immediately put her on leash. I don’t think I’d be doing this so easily with a bird dog!

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