Monday, October 11, 2010

Beginning to catch the Agility Bug?

I am getting more and more enthusiastic about DOING Agility versus just LOOKING at in on Youtube and such.

I would want my own training set. A jump, an A-frame, a Seesaw, a Tunnel, a Chute, a Tire, a Broad Jump, a Catwalk(?) and... Which would require a backyard big enough to house the training set in such a way that I can run courses.

I would get my dog really good on all the fundamentals using Susan Garrett’s 2X2 Weave Pole DVD, Susan Salo’s Success With One Jump DVD, and also Greg Derrett’s DVD’s on handling.

Then, when I felt we were ready to at least do a fast, largely faultless course, I might sign up for an actual Agility competition and see how my dog fares - and me, of course.


This is another picture I took this morning of my Fat Dog. It’ll be interesting to see if she’s actually lost any weight next Wednesday, when I will be weighing her. Fingers crossed! At least now I am sure she looks WAY better when she’s on the skinny side!

AND I’ve learned that for this walk, it’s better to take my smaller camera. Easier to carry and gives me, under the circumstances, more opportunities to take photos.

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