Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A longer walk, great training inspiration & white socks!

Another great day with a longer walk!

I decided this time, because I’m not sure the harness is really comfortable & because I find it hard to walk with a dog on a tight leash, to allow Luna to be off-leash. As soon as I saw another dog though, I’d put her on leash and have her walk by my side or Sit. Why? Because I realized that the problem isn’t that Luna is rowdy when she’s off leash. The problem is playing with other dogs and me throwing stuff for her. If those things don’t happen, she’s a perfectly behaved, calmly trotting dog. Nothing gained there by putting her on leash. I was very glad I made that choice, and as such it was a much more comfortable walk!

Also, I found absolutely GREAT training stuff, ideas & inspiration on the training blog of a Training Levels follower. She’s ‘green_gargoyle’ on the TL List and she has 2 Golden Retriever boys, Zachary & baby Henry. I’m making my own plans modeled off of hers now! Yay! Thanks, Kathleen!

I went shopping today to get my new agenda for 2011 (fuchsia), and I also got 50 business cards, 100 index cards, a fuchsia 2-ring binder (all of which I plan to use for dog training), a really cute 2011 dog calendar AND I remembered, standing at the check-out desk and happening to see them, to buy WHITE SOCKS to put the dummy’s in for our Gundog training! Whoohoo!

About the picture: That's Luna last spring, having a HUGE blast digging for her ball in a big pile of sand. Two police officers on bikes came by, and one of them said, when he saw Luna digging around, "Easter's over, you know! No more digging for eggs!" Haha!

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