Monday, October 18, 2010

OK. A pilling fiasco. Yes, you may laugh!

Haha! I thought I’d film how I give Luna her last pill of the day (she gets 3 total as a maintenance dose) and OF COURSE everything was a mess! Yesterday we did the exact same thing for the first time, she took the pill, held it in her mouth and I could give her the OK to go eat. Which meant that she’d eat the pill as well.

Today though, she decided to do some testing of my criteria. ‘Does it count if I just ignore the pill and do Food Zen?’ No. ‘Does it count if I take and then drop the pill?’ No. ‘Does it count if I take it, pretend to chew it and drop it again?’ No. ‘Hmmm. Let me try that one again. Are you SURE it does not count when I take it, chew it and spit it back out?’ YES, I’m SURE that does NOT count!

And then, finally, I got smart, gave Luna the pill again, and while she was still pretend-chewing I said OK, and she dove into her food AND ate the pill. Haha, gotcha! ;-)

Then my dad came into the kitchen and asked about the ‘strange smell’ in the kitchen (Cedric’s raw meat dinner, which he’d just finished). So if you hear a man’s voice and mine talking in some strange language, the above was happening. This is after Luna starts eating her food. The language is Dutch.

Oh, also, Luna has a complete brainfart and has NO clue what ‘Park It’ (my cue for Sit) means.

The two pills she gets during the day, one for ‘breakfast’ and one for ‘lunch’, I do differently because she only gets one meal a day; I take the pill and about 10 treats (kibble from her daily ration - yes, she LOVES food). Then, I present the pill, wait for a few seconds until she realizes she won’t get the treats if she doesn’t take the pill first, she takes the pill, and I IMMEDIATELY Rapid-Fire those 10 treats. This ensures she swallows the pill AND makes it a fun game for both of us.

I will try to film our daytime pilling as well, and give the nighttime pill another shot. We still have 3 days before Thursday’s last pill!

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