Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finished writing Steps to Success L2 Cards.

So that means I’ve got TWO Levels of Passable requirements complete! There IS a trick in L2 and also Homework in L1 & L2, but as the description for the trick just says ‘dog performs a new trick’ I did not think it needed a card. Homework is something I won’t do On The Road, so no cards neccessary for those either. Yay!

An especially interesting one is L2 Step 5 for Relax; the dog settles in a car. Hmmm... that’s one worth passing, but at the moment I’m not really sure how I’ll achieve that. I could start with just having her settle in the car just sitting in the driveway, then settle in the car just sitting in the driveway with the engine on, then settle when we go for a short, fun trip (I think the Haarlemmermeerse park is closest), and if all goes well up to that point, go for longer trips etc. Well, at least I’ve got SOME idea of how to get there from here!

We had an absolutely lovely day today, and since yesterday I’ve upped our daily longer walk to 3 miles, about one hour. She’s doing very well and I’m really enjoying our ‘proper’ walks!

About the picture: That’s Luna at 15 months, she was a bit too skinny there after her first season, being spayed and the heat of that summer, but still... I think she looks gorgeous! This is the best Stand shot I’ve ever taken of her.

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