Thursday, February 24, 2011

Steps to Success L2 Come.

Whoaaa.... I have not done much of anything so far, this week! Forgot all about Wordless Wednesday, forgot about the Daily Shoot, forgot testing Luna on the stuff I wanted to test her on.

We went cycling about an hour ago, and when we got back I was warm and comfortable so I decided to test Steps to Success L2 Come. I tested her on the street in front of our house, and right when I was walking away for the 'Dog Comes 40' to trainer working alone', the mail truck stopped by and signaled for me to come over. He had a package for my dad. So, while I was taking the package and signing the receipt, Luna performed a 30' SitStay in complete comfort. I was partially out of sight, hidden behind the mail truck. I think she sat there for 1 minute. I walked over to her with the package and dropped a handful of treats at her feet. Good girl!

Then, on to testing. Walking away 40', Luna was holding a SitStay in front of our house. Whistle recall. She took of with a little jump and got to me with a big fat grin on her face. Lots of cookies for you!

Next, 'Dog Comes 40' to have her leash put on.' I left Luna in a SitStay 40' away from our house, so she was basically sitting in a 'strange' place (she has never done a Stay by herself in that place). When I was back to our house, 40' away, I turned to see Luna sitting there all comfortably, looking around, waiting for the next cue. Again, I blow my whistle and she races toward me. When she's almost home I hold out her limited slip leash and ask her to put it on; she sticks her head right through the loop, Click and again lots of cookies! Yay, good dog!

This was fun!

Luna's updated Progress Chart - L2 Come Passed!

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  1. GO Luna! Good job!

    It's been one of those weeks around here, too. I am supposed to teach Wally a new trick for his "graduation" on Sunday, but I have done NOTHING yet and don't even have any ideas!

    PS. There's an award for you on our blog. Swing on by and pick it up! Life with LuLu