Saturday, February 19, 2011

Daily Shoot #3.

Today's assignment:
"Make a photograph of something that captures a small bit the flavor of where you live or your culture."
Okay... I knew what I wanted, but the weather here is less than ideal for the shot I had in mind... It's cold, gray, colorless and muddy.

Either way, here's the 2 shots I thought were acceptable:

I've upped the saturation quite a bit to add some color. This is the view upon exiting our street, across the water is basically where our off-leash romping area starts. In the summer we have to share it with rather obnoxious cows, I'm always hoping they won't show up until late in the season. Especially since they've added a BULL to the herd two years ago! Yikes!


  1. Love the windmill! What a lovely view. Still need to get my shot, but it just won't stop raining over here. :(

  2. Ow... yuck! I'm NOT jealous of you, for once! ;-)