Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daily Shoot #4.

Today's assignment:
"Work with scale today and make a photograph that features a subject either larger or smaller than expected."
I'm not sure my interpretation is right, at dinner dad made a suggestion that would have been better but also much harder to get. I'll try to get a shot of that sometime and put it up on the blog.

Here's my idea for today:

I took some shots of the usual sleeping arrangements of our dogs; the little one in the big bed, the big one in the small bed.

The big bed was bought for Luna, the shepherd, the small bed was bought for Cedric, the little bundle of fur in the big bed.

Cedric however, decided that HE wanted the big bed, so if he sees Luna leave, he'll immediately get out of the small bed and hog the big bed. And Luna is too nice to try sharing it with him. ;-) And if Cedric wants the big bed NOW, he'll just climb up the back and Luna politely gets up and leaves. Ahhh....

And one last shot, just because I like it:

Luna prefers to have most of her body hanging out of the bed, whether she's in the big bed or the small bed. Silly girl.

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