Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Training Log for Nov 16

Another one of Luna at 4 months. All legs and ears!
Zen: 40 treats, in the kitchen on tile floor. C/T for staying away from open hand with treat for up to 10s, ignoring treats tossed toward her in a stand and down. For the latter I wait until she looks at me before I click and pick up the treat to give to her. Once, while she was laying down, I tossed a treat right under her nose, she went to take it, I cued 'Leave It' and she did! Mind you, by the time I could give her the cue she was already touching the treat. Wow! I practiced not giving the cue until AFTER the treat started to drop, which, in practice, meant that the treat was usually on the floor before I said anything. Good girl! 100% Success!

Down: 40 treats, in the living room on hardwood floor. I asked her to Down while I was standing, sitting, lying down, sticking my arms and legs in all kinds of directions, standing with my face against a wall, etc. On 5 trials she had no clue what I wanted, too strange a position. That still gives her a Success Rate of 87,5%! She's doing SO good!

Tuck Sit: 40 treats, on the long rug in the hallway to prevent her from slipping. I remembered to not have treats in my lure hand! She is doing quite good, although I am not sure if she really understands what I want from her. She performs the Tuck Sit about 90-95 percent of trials with the lure of my empty hand, but still... I would really like a way to explain this to her without needing that hand... See if I can come up with other explanations for her.

Around 2.30 PM we went cycling to the park, all in all it was about 11-12 miles. Luna was having a blast! Just before we went, a package was delivered with 3 Fantastic Foam balls in it, which I'd ordered a couple of days ago. We took one of those balls and a ball launcher, and both Luna and I thought they were great! VERY light, which was something I have to get used to, as before I used Hucks, and those are very HEAVY. Luna also loves their lightness, they bounce and escape when you pounce on them, what fun! Luna also had a swim going after the ball, and she had a great time playing with a White Swiss Shepherd friend of hers, a GIANT male. Together, they tore the male's frisbee apart, and Luna was making super cute shepherd-talk noises all the time; 'I'm a little lady, and I want to play, but you're so BIG! And I want your frisbee, but it's a little scary stealing it from you!' And barking, now and then, 'GIMME DA DAMN FRISBEE!' *Grin* We got home around 4.30 PM. Whew, a day just like 'the old days' before the knee injury, boy have we both missed those!

Total training time: 1 hour, 20 minutes.

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