Friday, November 26, 2010

Still overfeeding.

Oh! Aha!

I just weighed Luna again, and once again the scale said 70,5 pounds. Huh?!

So, today I did another calculation of how much food she's supposed to get, and I come up with 246 grams. In other words, she's still getting too much food (I was giving her 300 grams). Also, I'm thinking maybe this food is too rich for her. I don't want to feed her a tiny bit of food just so she won't gain weight.

Also, to give myself more room for treats other than her 'boring' - for which she works way too well - kibble, I think that when this bag of food runs out (I'm guessing another week or so) I'll put her back on the pre-ground raw meat mix I had her on before the kibble. Then I can use cheese, ground beef and chicken as treats (the raw mix is way too gross and stinky to use as treats, takes all day to get the stench off my hands!). AND she can eat a larger volume of food. AND she did fine on the pre-ground mix (that's what she was on in April).

Why did I change to kibble? Because I couldn't figure out how to have handy treats AND feed her the raw mix, without overfeeding. Now I've figured it out! So, in about two weeks she'll be back on the 'good-old' raw mix, and I'm really curious to see how she'll do!

Thanks for reading my food rambles. ;-)


  1. How did you figure out how much she should be getting???

    I've been struggling with getting weight off Zachary (I put him on a diet and he gained one pound in 10 days!) Knowing how much I should be feeding him to help him lose weight would really help! (FWIW: He's 78lb and should be 68lb!)

    Good for you for keeping at it!!

  2. It's something I've known for a long time, but I didn't really KNOW it until I though about it again yesterday, you know what I mean? I've heard a LOT that the amount specified on the bag, is usually too much food.

    Most people then recommend to feed 10-20% less than what the dog should get (according to the specifications on the bag) at its ideal weight. That's what I did (I took 20%) and that's how I now found this number. I figured, if she gets too thin I can always feed her more, but as we've both learned by now, getting weight OFF is not as easy as it seemed!

    Hope it helps!