Thursday, June 16, 2011

More handling practice.

Another session done tonight.

Repeated what we did yesterday, and added things like more invasive eye-handling (pulling upper- and lower eyelid) and opening her mouth. It was really cute to see her figuring out how to relax her mouth. Tomorrow I want to add a paper towel touching her face, then her eyes, then progress to being able to clean her eyes with a wet paper towel without her feeling uncomfortable.

I'm on a roll... when this is going well I want to countercondition her to the hair dryer. :-) Currently she'll walk away when I blow it on her, but she's curious enough to stand around while I use the hair dryer on our older dog, who loves it.

Hopefully I'll remember to take video tomorrow, I'd like to see what it looks like from an observer's point of view.

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