Saturday, May 28, 2011

New harness.

I'd been looking for a harness that wouldn't move under the strain of a giant flexi lead. Our current harness would slip to the side, would scruch up behind Luna's elbows, and generally just looked uncomfortable to me.

I finally decided on the Ruff Wear Web Master harness. Here's Luna wearing it after fitting it on her for the first time:

No, she didn't want to pose, that's obvious! (I woke her from her nap to try on the harness, which obviously isn't cool)

But I'm happy with what I see here. The front strap is far enough away from her elbows that it won't irritate her, everything fits snugly, and I like the look of it. We'll test it on a walk in a couple of hours to see if it is as nice as it looks!

Will be interesting to see wether Luna thinks she can still pee with that back strap or not...


  1. Blue, my other GSD, has zero trouble peeing in hers.

  2. I have to start posting on this blog again...

    Luna had a little difficulty the first time she squatted, but she's fine now. Same with sitting.

    Only problem I'm facing now, is that Luna seems to be too lean for the harness to fit as snugly as it should to keep it from sliding sideways... That irritates the heck out of me.